The most exciting election in years

Priscilla crushed not-so-joke candidate Milo Edwards in CUSU’s presidential election – with the highest turnout in a decade. 

Over 4000 students voted in this election, making the turnout nearly double that of last year.

Priscilla polled 2,077 compared with Milo’s 1,520.

Priscilla was previously the Black Minority and Ethnic (BME) Representative for the CUSU Women’s Campaign.

The two other candidates, Leo Kellaway and Katie Akers, received 336 and 552 vote respectively.

Speaking to The Tab Priscilla said: “I am absolutely elated!

“Congratulations to Milo, Leo and Katie, we all fought so hard and engagement with student politics has been transformed as a result.

“I am over the moon!”

Will she be missed ?

A CUSU veteran

In other results, Charlie Chorley won the Women’s Officer race, polling 878 votes in the third round of balloting.

She beat Daisy Hughes, founding member of the ‘Whose University?’ campaign, and Amy Reddington – who received 659 and 462 respectively.

Chorley told The Tab: “I’m so so happy with the result. The fact that people engaged on a higher level than normal is amazing.

“We’ve changed the discussion about the Women’s Campaign and I’m so excited about the future!”

Helena Blair was re-elected to serve as CUSU Access and Funding Officer with 1,507 votes.

Commenting on the results, King’s second year Natsci Chloe Hemingway said: “The sheep flocked in their numbers to ensure that a proper candidate overcame someone who is literarily a joke in this 2015 election that will go down in history for having the most riveting live-feed this University has ever seen.”

Newnham second year historian Anne Magee said: “I am thrilled Priscilla won.

“Imagine how much more of a joke CUSU would be if a campaign based on jam had been successful.”

Better Jam next time Milo..

Better Jam next time Milo..


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  • I need to admit something.

    I cannot stand CUSU. I would love to see it abolished and replaced with an association of JCRs. I voted for Milo just to try to make a point. Despite my loathing of CUSU, I have to admit that Helen Hoogewerf-McComb seems like a genuinely good person. She did not let her politics get in the way of her job and she was never anything but kind, even with the strong opposition to her position. Now that her role is coming to an end, I want to say thank you to her and to urge Miss Mensah to follow likewise.

    • why no upvote tab?!?!

      very well said

  • Concerned

    There were a worryingly high number of voting irregularities in the paper ballot of my college.

    The electoral role which is supposed to state whether a member of college has voted online or not and therefore whether they are eligible to vote in the paper ballot was incorrectly filled out by CUSU. A large number of people who voted online were not marked as having voted, therefore they could vote twice. I now know of several people who admit to have doing this.

    People who were not members of the college came and impersonated members of the college to vote, some of these votes were counted as committee members did not follow procedure by checking student IDs.

    All of this happened in one college and there our 31 colleges in our university, if this happened in every college (I see no reason why it would not happen in other colleges) the result could have gone the other way. There was only a 500 vote margin.

    • I agree

      I was a Priscilla voter, but even I have to admit something feels wrong here. A post made on the TCS website (at 01:57) claims that there were 502 invalid votes:

      Really? That is more than one vote in ten, and remember that only a small number of votes made were paper votes to begin with.

      The above poster made some worrying remarks that damage the reputation of the voting process completely. Unless there are some seriously good explanations, I cannot help but feel this might have to be restaged with all votes to be made online.

      • Online voting results

        For anyone who is interested, these are the numbers I have come up with just considering the online votes:

        There were 3475 votes made, of which 215 were entirely blank
        Round 1
        Priscilla Mensah: 1293
        Leo Kellaway: 271
        Milo Edwards: 1170
        Katie Akers: 450
        RON: 76
        RON eliminated

        Round 2
        Priscilla Mensah: 1297
        Leo Kellaway: 274
        Milo Edwards: 1176
        Katie Akers: 451
        Leo Kellaway eliminated

        Round 3
        Priscilla Mensah: 1382
        Milo Edwards: 1221
        Katie Akers: 491
        Katie Akers eliminated

        Round 4
        Priscilla Mensah: 1647
        Milo Edwards: 1295
        Priscilla Mensah wins (majority 352)

    • A Sensitive Scholar

      The elections have always been rigged to ensure the establishment candidate wins. George Bangham was robbed two years back.

  • The Tab is full of dickheads.

    Oh look, another article made up of highly selective quotes slagging off Milo, quelle surprise.

  • really?

    I’ve been gone for a while, but why was there a white BME representative? Are we going to have male women’s officers next? I know Cambridgr is predominantly white, and black people in particular are grossly underrepresented, but isn’t that more reason not to reinforce the whitewash?

    • huh?

      Priscilla isn’t white.

  • “the sheep flocked”

    Couldn’t have put it better myself