The Editors for Easter 2014

Meet the new Easter Term Tab Team.


Johnnie Wyvern: Embrace Caesarian Sunday

JOHNNIE WYVERN explains his Four Step plan to Tripos success.


The Editors for Easter 2014

Meet the new Easter Term Tab Team.


The Sunset Limited

WILL KENNAWAY rather likes this clash between faith and reason, despite a few opening night problems.


How Do The Angels Sleep?

HANNAH MARCUS thinks this show is just fine.


Give Zac Efron his shirt back

Being objectified sounds like fun, so why does Zac Efron look so uncomfortable all the time?

union splash

Full Union Line-Up Revealed!

The Cambridge Union’s Easter 2014 termcard features politicians, celebrities and two ex Doctor Who actors.


Tsar Union line-up!

Ukrainian and Russian ambassadors go head to head at the Union.


Clare May Ball “HMCMB Introducing Stage” Line Up

Clare May Ball are shaking up their musical ents and unveil the line up for the new “HMCMB Introducing Stage”.

You can't put him in a box

The poultry state of egg farming

With Easter upon us, JOE GOODMAN talks to farmer’s daughter EMMA SMITH about where our eggs come from


What did you give up for Easter?

ELOISE DAVIES asked you about your Lent endeavours. You delivered.

Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 11.19.47

Dystopia: The Musical! (a sketch show)

From executive producer Michael Bay, a brand new sketch show-cum-musical by Footlights regulars, coming soon to a Corpus Playroom near you.


Tab Meets: Somebody Else’s Cambridge

PATRICK BROOKS chats to the creator of a blog full of Cambridge students’ private dreams, tragedies and darkest secrets.

Murry Edwards and Churchill only have about this much wine

Mary Beard: We don’t get free booze!

Beard has this week launched a staunch defence of Cambridge dons, insisting “We’re not port-swigging freeloaders.”


Which Pokémon is your uni?

Would you see Beedrill buzzing around Bristol, or would Kangaskhan be kicking it at Kent? Could Meowth make it into Manchester, or could you see Sandshrew schweffing around Sheffield? We’ve got all the answers to life’s biggest question

Our naughty and sneaky banner

Why I handed the Union a giant cheque for ‘Sod All’

JESSICA O’DRISCOLL-BREEN explains her motivations for taking part in CDE’s notoriously angry protests.


Sexual Assault in Cambridge: A chance for students to speak out

CUSU Women’s campaign are running a survey about sexual harassment and assault.

The Victorious Team

Women’s Blues Basketball sweep away their competition

Cambridge Women’s Blues Basketball complete a hugely successful season by winning the Conference Cup.

Lucky to have survived

Killer shrubbery drives King’s potty

Outrage after falling plant pot almost decapitates Kings porter