The Tab were down at the river this week finding out exactly what people thought was going on…

The Tab‘s coverage of Lent Bumps 2011 received in excess of 25,000 hits.

READ the round up of days ONE, TWO, THREEFOUR and FIVE and our live updates.

It seemed that down at the river, however, not every one knew exactly what was going on.


  • Gabriel

    As I’m sure you would realise if you had bothered to do any research whatsoever, the Badger has been temporarily suspended but will be back, hopefully very shortly. The SU is not “looking to stop publishing” and the comment about a ‘finite number of remaining issues’ which you quoted out of context was very obviously referring to third years, who will be at Sussex for a finite and short amount of time.

    The SU statement to which you referred is viewable here and clearly says nothing like what you suggest it says. Why do you treat your readers like idiots?

    If you are looking to fill the Badger’s shoes, however, doing some journalism would be a good start.

    • Heather

      As the ‘seasoned member of the Badger team’ in the article, I couldn’t have said it better myself. When I said there was a ‘finite number of remaining issues’, it was in reference to this academic year – the apocalypse is far off yet, sweetie. Then again, it somehow feels good to have something I said taken out of context by a tabloid.
      I’ve basically made it!

    • national reader

      The tab is already owning you as a news site and it would stand you in good stead to drop the snooty guardian tone, unless you ACTUALLY want to work at the guardian

      • Gabriel

        Yeah, I don’t know what that means.

      • Anon

        yes, with such news as ‘the 7 types of boys you meet on Tinder’ and ‘UK’s horniest student bollocked by bigwigs’ – at least The Badger comes up with actual news that is actually researched, not just made up or based off a pun

  • Holly

    The top 4 most popular stories on the website are currently from the 27th, 28th, and 29th of January… of this year. Your accuracy precedes you.

  • Debbie

    This is a truly pointless article. ‘Has The Badger been culled?’ you ask. No. There’s your answer. You could have literally asked any member of the editorial team or the SU. It’s not hard to act like a real journalist sometimes.

  • Nope, wrong

    This is a good example of writing the headline before the actual article. It’s The Badger, culling. Pun. Funny.

    However, you should seriously try researching and writing a legitimate article that isn’t pandering tripe. This isn’t necessarily aimed at you Sarah George, but rather the entire Tab team. Really. Try it.

  • Anon

    don’t think I’ve ever seen an article with so much inaccuracy, and my parents read the Daily Mail
    couldn’t put it better than the others who have already commented; you have essentially built an article from the headline-down, rather than with any real facts
    The Badger is alive and well and long may it do so; The Tab would only fulfill my needs if I was in dire need of a badly written, poorly researched piece on either sex, binge drinking or ‘How to dump someone on Valentine’s Day’ (which frankly isn’t news)