After seeing the guys who unicycle to lectures, Sam Martin, fancied a go. Well he didn’t at all but we forced him to.

Ever seen those guys speeding around town, balancing on only one wheel? We have too.

Sam Martin, despite a serious football related injury, fancied a go. Well he didn’t, but we forced him to. Have a look at how he got on.

Produced and directed by Poppy Damon

Camera: Agatha Stern & Max Toomey

Edited by Hunter Allen (who can’t spell my name)

Guy Linch was sadly unable to take part after injuring himself allegedly falling off the top of the Catz gates trying to sneak out at three am on a Monday morning.


  • Will

    Audio could do with balancing L-R!

  • Sam

    Damn I look good on camera.

  • Make More

    videos of nights out, they're the only reason anyone ever goes on your website.

  • Putainparis

    Maybe Paris is just shit?

  • Annaliese

    This article is ridiculous. I think someone’s a little jealous.

  • John

    Should have come to Hong Kong, it is epic. Sorry Paris was shit; don’t be too jelous.

  • Jealous or What?

    It seems that it was just YOU who had a bad experience… and you are generalising your experience across the board. I had an excellent time on my exchange period abroad… and that wasn’t in the ‘safe haven’ of Europe, I actually stepped out and went to China… So let me detail my experiences in relation to yours, or the supposed generalisations you make:

    1. Yes I do actually have friends from all over the world… and I have visited them. I’m sorry if you didn’t get an offer to visit. I don’t ‘cling’ to UK students as, if that was the case, why did I leave the UK to study abroad?
    2. Well, yes, I did have a very ‘enriching time’ – I learnt and delved into a new culture that is completely unlike our own in the UK and, for that matter, the whole of Europe!
    3. Actually, I did speak a lot of ‘another language. For example, taxi drivers, restaurant workers and elder people, would not always understand English, so, yes, I did speak the language for the majority of the time. I needed to.
    4. You were obviously missing home… Of course, there are small aspects of the UK I missed (like anyone), but on the whole I went to another country to experience what it had to offer, of course I’m not going to be crying about going home, otherwise I wouldn’t have chosen China. And secondly… it’s a 14 hour flight home, so no I didn’t go home each weekend.
    5. Actually, the university I exchanged to had a ‘travel society’ which organised trips each weekend to cultural attractions in China (and that involved some 10 hour+ bus and train journeys. And also with friends I travelled to other places within Asia. So yes, most weekends I did travel.
    6. Quite frankly, the clubs are on the whole much better than the UK here, apart from there being a no smoking ban. Other than that, the standard of quality of the clubs are what you would experience in London’s most exclusive (yes I have been, I’m not quoting nonsense). Quality DJ’s from around the world playing in the clubs (and not having to pay huge sums like you would in Europe to see them). And internationals get free drinks in most clubs. So yes, to me, they are better.
    7. And yes, my flat is pretty good. It has everything I need and views of some of the most spectacular landmarks, and within in close proximity to all I need it to be, so yes, I like it.

    I actually have decided to come and study here for postgraduate, so I am sorry if you believe the ‘general persons’ exchange period is that of a lie, something to brag about or utterly awful. For me, however, I don’t brag or wish to brag, but I achieved a fulfilling experience. I think others who have exchanged would also agree.

    • Arthur

      ^ THIS!!! What a sad individual…

    • Arthur

      Great comment – what a sad individual the author is!

  • Haz John

    Shouldnt have chosen an expensive city witch is famously full of knobs. In Eastern Europe you get a room the size of a lecture theatre and it costs you about £150 a month. Unluckayyyy you had a shit time. There is no need to put others of going on Erasmus because you had a shit one. Basically i remember people like you on my year abroad and they were the dead shit people to avoid. Sorreh.

  • Patty O’Furniture

    Who is da fitty in The first pic??? If id met him on ma year abroad i wud have been buzzin