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“Recognition by The Tab is a great indication of a young journalist’s potential. Students who have worked on The Tab will have a head start on their CV.”

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  • Jolly Japes

    I think writing for the Tab would be a seriously #jollyjape ! Sadly, as a NatSci I am unable to use full words #lemmalemma

    • Mr Literal

      That is ridiculous, you have used full words in composing that comment! Also, hashtags do not work if not on twitter. I am outraged.

  • L.H

    Would you actually be able to join The Tab if you were from another country?

  • Gisele

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  • Jess Wrigley

    no shop can be better than dunelm, calling for a boycott of J&R, MAKE A STAND PEOPLE MAKE A STAND.

  • boring comment

    university league tables are a joke, unlike school league tables they aren’t a measure of academic achievement. they might be useful in helping people decide where to go to uni (student satisfaction etc.) but there needs to be a second one for academic results, one that employers can use to say ‘oh this person actually went to a good uni’

  • Harry R


  • About to start

    1st for social policy 8 years running though ;)

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