Practicing his nature documentaries (Tom takes full photo credit for this selfie)

Footlights President: The Interview

Tom Fraser, Footlights President: BNOC, Liam Neeson, David Attenborough, God, or none of the above? You decide.


What to do if you are raped

Rape as an issue is often discussed, but what isn’t, is what to do if it happens to you.


The Sunday Serial: Episode 2 – The Good Samaritan

Last week was blackmail and cancelled garden parties, this week is megalomania and mice.


Cambridge PEN Launch

MAGGIE BRIDGE is intrigued by Cambridge PEN’s launch

This is an example of a poster for a play that I wasn't in

Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me

There’s more to this hostage-situation play than meets the eye writes SAM RABY

Crazy and unexpected and hilarious

The Importance of Being Improvised

LOUIS SHANKAR applauds a show ‘fully aware of its own ludicrousness’

A production that got a bit carried away

thing with feathers

REBEKAH-MIRON CLAYTON was not impressed with this piece of physical theatre

Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 00.21.10

Found in Translation

CHLOE COLEMAN and TIM SQUIRRELL enlist the help of Google Translate to make sense of Found In Translation.


Oh Deer! Muntjac Euthanised at Corpus

A deer trapped on Corpus Christi property is put down by the RSPCA.

Some excellent trotter-acting

Animal Farm

ZOE D’AVIGNON praises the pigs of Animal Farm

grey matters

Grey Matters

LARA FERRIS and MAGGIE BRIDGE very much enjoyed their soirée with Grey Matters.

Dame Donald is just one of many high profile academics to call for reform

Beard backs calls for more females in Academia

More than 50 senior Cambridge academics have called for a more ‘inclusive’ selection process for senior research positions.

Footlights: hilarious (sometimes)

Footlights Presents: Dümpf

LOUIS SHANKAR reviews another ‘mixed’ night of comedy

An excellent and groundbreaking example of student theatre

The Other Line

SOPHIE WILLIAMS applauds this fantastic play

Hallucinogenic butterflies out in full force (credit: Paper Butterfly Productions)

Mercury Fur

LOUIS SHANKAR is captivated by this shocking tale

Apocalypse tempered by enthusiasm


LAURA PATERSON is let down by an ambitious drama that descends into cliché