The pièce de résistance

Robinson May Ball 2014

CHARLIE BELL was far from blown away by Robinson May Ball, this year.

Stephen’s death should make us all think about animal testing

After the tragic death of Stephen Sutton from cancer, CHARLIE BELL thinks there are lessons to be learnt.

Gideon crying because the poor still get some benefits

Why do we put up with this shit?

Infuriated CHARLIE BELL thinks it’s time for the King’s protesters to think carefully about who should actually ‘fuck off’…

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Charlie Bell – Week 2

This week CHARLIE BELL cooks up a ‘gay storm’. Here’s exactly why he is not a Harry Potter poof…

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Charlie Bell: Week 1

CHARLIE BELL serves up an entrée of Nihilism. He fucking hates lent, and Cambridge is “a den of cack”.


CUSU — Who Are You?

CHARLIE BELL warns against voting for yet another “van Rompuy” candidate in this week’s CUSU elections.


Don’t Stoop to the EDL’s Level

Ahead of a planned EDL march in February, CHARLIE BELL implores you not to allow ‘blatant common sense’ to be hijacked.

Pope Xmas

A Christmas Message

Forget the Queen’s 3D broadcast, CHARLIE BELL reminds us what really ought to be on our minds this Christmas.


Silly Season

CHARLIE BELL wants the government and the media to get a grip on science.

The Tab student news

Coming out in Cambridge

Coming out can be hard, but we can all make it easier, says CHARLIE BELL.

The Tab student news

Wolfson June Event

CHARLIE BELL is blown away by Wolfson June Event. Any takers for next year?

The Tab student news

Take Your Class War Elsewhere

CHARLIE BELL on why Ian Bone’s protest is little more than a load of hot air.

The Tab student news

We Demand the Right to Party

CHARLIE BELL attacks CUSU’s decision not to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.