Willing their man on

Queens Ergs

In a night of sweat and glory, Queens Ergs went off, with Clare, Churchill and Caius claiming victory

Uni 4s

A Day of King’s and Queens’

After a week of racing, the stars of the week are Kings, winning the heavily contested M1 Coxed 4 in a close fought battle

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Nash brings home the Bronze

Cambridge rower George Nash becomes an Olympic medalist

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May Bumps: Final Day Round Up

As the dust settles, and your hangovers from BCD have subsided just in time for the afternoon’s festivities, lets take a look at the final day of May Bumps 2012. Despite some drama in the early divisions from avian attired animal rights protesters and an ambulance needing to be called in the W4 division, the marshals did an […]

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May Bumps: Day 3 Round Up

In the most difficult conditions of the May Bump so far, the third day was seen out, laying the final pieces in crews quests for Boatie Glory. Let’s take a look at the results: Overview The biggest stories of the day are definitely Murray Edwards and Newnham. Murray Edwards continue to have a literal perfect […]

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Coverage of every race as it happens, right here on The Tab.

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May Bumps: Day 2 Round Up

HUGH CARSON brings you analysis and predictions from the second day of bumps.

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Where to Watch Bumps

Now the weather seems on the mend (a little) HUGH CARSON gives an overview of the best places to watch bumps!

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May Bumps: Day 1 Round Up

One day down, 3 to go, and with crashes, controversy and our first Overbump, it’s off to a flying start. Here’s a round up of the days action, with only one day in, all those who bumped yesterday are on for blades, Blade (and Spoon) watch begins later today over at the Live Blog. Overall, […]

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The Tab’s Companion to: May Bumps

Don’t know your bumps from you bungs? HUGH CARSON, your friendly neighbourhood rower, is here to make all clear.

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All Style and Pa-Nash

George Nash tells HUGH CARSON how training for the Olympics is easier than being a Cambridge Blue.

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Good Sport: George Nash

The Tab talks to Olympic rower and blue George Nash

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Champs Head

HUGH CARSON reports from Champs Head – the best early indicator of the progression in Bumps.

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Head of the Cam

Caius dominate Head Of The Cam as King’s M1 fights their way back from spoons, HUGH CARSON reports.

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