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JOY STARKEY gets a sugar rush in summer 2012’s biggest trend

Pastel is THE trend of Spring/Summer ’12. Luckily you don’t have to be a Disney Princess to work this look. While it can look great in a feminine blouse or dress, it can also look chic in clean, tailored separates and masculine loafers. Think Dolly Mixture, Party Rings and marshmallow hues. This trend is sickly sweet.

Styling: Joy Starkey

Photography: Eliska Haskovcova

Model: Isabelle Tompkins

All clothes from John Lewis

  • Absolute


    • The Cad

      I would very much like to fornicate with this beautiful princess. Or in other words, put my dolly mixture in her party ring, if I may be so bold.

  • none

    stunning :)

  • ugh

    dodgy photoshop going on again. stop trying to fake depth of field with a badly cut-out gaussian blur

    • nobody


    • to the photoshop pro

      'gaussian blur'? – lens blur, mate; photographers and photoshop-users use it to get rid of an unwanted background, bro. Stop procrastinating after term and get a life?

      • confused

        so is it 'bro' or 'mate'?

      • oh really?

        Er, no, real photographers use aperture to control depth-of-field ;-)
        PS – Gaussian blur shits all over lens blur

        • can't believe

          you're arguing over the technicalities of ONE picture. this girl's photography is stunning.

          • ugh

            the first 4 pictures I like, the rest I could do without

          • Everybody's a critic

            It IS? That's news to me. I thought it was drab and mediocre but never mind.

        • Actually a pro

          I think you'll find real photographers are willing to do most things if they get back to the studio and find they don't have all the shots they want.

          And, guys, please stop wanking each other off over how much you (don't) know about photoshop. Some of us actually do this for money. Don't make me cringe.

          "Quick, let's reel off three names of tools so they'll think I know what I'm talking about!" Childish bollocks. You can achieve the above effects in any number of ways; the fact is it's poorly executed; the method of execution is unimportant.

      • ugh

        nah, that's definitely a gaussian blur, I can tell by the pixels

    • actually

      its quite a good photoshop job. the outlines are so clean!

  • slow

    are the two the same person?! I think thats amazing photoshoping.

    • Photographer

      Not that hard, just use a tripod to keep the camera in the same position.

  • Top Lad

    I'd defo dolly mixture her party ring!

  • Treat Day

    Anyone spot Les Bonbonbonbons, third picture from the bottom?

  • A fan

    The first picture is beautiful!

  • she tops my


  • Glass

    I don't get all this "take it through glass to make it artistic" shite. I actually want to see the clothes, not blurry reflections of photographers.

    • shame

      i can't see the blurry reflection of the photographer, point it out because i hear she's hot

  • Yup!

    Last and third to last picture… Really beautiful clothes!

  • Revd Slipper

    Women should not be permitted to wear such clothes. They are overly reminiscent of chasubles, which are the preserve of men (and women dressing as priests).

    Please remove this article.

  • Bot idd

    The shoes are quite mannish.

  • nice colours


  • Observant

    Clearly going to Patisserie Valerie is the style this spring.

  • Tyra

    Poses look stilted.

  • Lahwells

    There are a couple of nice pieces here, but overall this shoot is far too plain. I like the colours, but this is definitely missing out on some key up-and-coming trends. Where are the bright heels, heavy accessories and tropical and tribal influences?!

    Joy Starkey needs to push a lot harder with her ideas, and be a lot more daring.

  • Edie

    I kind of hate that the emphasis in all of the Tab's fashion spreads is on the photography rather than the clothes themselves. I feel like the photographer's ego is obstructing what the author is trying to say…