Halloween? More like Halloshit

PAIGE SMEATON tells you why you should hate Halloween

Internet Troll?

What do you get out of trolling?

Fresher POPPY MCLEAN ain’t too pleased with you commenters

Zac merged photo

Cambridge’s Most Eligible Bachelor: Week 3

ZBH returns to discus his love for Deep House and gives a forthright review of the new DJ set at Wednesday Cindies


Get Lost

Want to win prizes, get lost in England and raise money for charity? MICHAEL ZACHARIAS will tell you how


Did you go to a state school?

A comprehensive student in crisis? PAIGE SMEATON will let you in on a secret

Caesarian Sunday 2012

Put a (drinking) sock in it

CONOR MULHEIR tells us why he doesn’t want to be part of your club, and doesn’t really believe that you do either.


Are you ‘that guy’?

In this week’s column, MILO EDWARDS tells you exactly what is wrong with people.

Smacked steve featured image

The strangest burglary ever? Students’ house ransacked then guilt-ridden robber returns goods

Liverpool local ‘Smack’ed Steve’ gives a lesson in security


Get your essay referencing done in minutes with this free app

Stop worrying about whether you’re referencing correctly and do it this way instead

No sneeze guard will hold me back

I queued for two hours at the Krispy Kreme opening and I didn’t get any donuts

TAYO MOORE vents his frustration at donuts and the world

Zac merged photo

Cambridge’s Most Eligible Bachelor: Week 2

ZBH reveals his live tweeting of Fresher’s Week

The dream

Turn your cramped student room into an autumnal haven

Autumn is here. Let the outside in and autumnify your bedsit. Style guru TIM ATKIN teaches you a lesson or two

central teacing hub

Professor gives CPR following ‘serious medical emergency’ in lecture theatre

Witnesses in Central Teaching Hub say lecturer was left shaken


This guy got the quadratic formula tattooed on his bum

It didn’t make him any better at maths


I ate out of bins for a week

And I didn’t die

WLB - Party1

No napping with Napper

Isobel Cockerell meets Cambridge DJ legend, Napper Tandy, founder of Turf.

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