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Throw those prospectuses away

Not content with providing unrivalled news coverage of what’s going on at your uni, The Tab are now producing university guides to give applicants an honest and unfiltered look at what life at your uni is really like – and there’s one for Cambridge.

Rather than expecting sixth formers to rely on league table rankings and identical open day experiences to help them pick which uni to go to, The Tab’s guides aim to answer the questions that really matter.

Why does everyone like Cindies? Do I really need to like rowing? Where’s Girton?


Written by current students, for the next generation of students, our uni guides offer a level of insight and brutal honesty you won’t get from the middle-aged, out-of-touch writers behind all those other prospectuses.

As well as Cambridge, here are the other uni guides we’ve written:








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  • Eagle Eyed Eagle

    Good guide, but several bits are very arts student centric:

    “Concentrate on impressing with breadth of reading on your UCAS statement.”

    “if you don’t ever get an almost sexual thrill from books you’re probably not going to fit in.”

    Scientists don’t have to do excessive reading – that’s not the point of their course. My course consists of (mainly maths based) lectures and labs so there’s almost no need to ever get a book out of the library.

  • Pate Moi

    This is shockingly bad, and full of basic factual mistakes – e.g. Peterhouse is not best endowed college, and “the interview is about proving you can have an intelligent, stimulating conversation with an academic” is laughably cliched and wrong;

  • Not from Robinson

    Is it really appropriate to be putting down colleges which already have a low number of applications and need to use the pool a lot? It reads more like a joke guide, which I guess is OK for entertaining us and the prospective candidates, but some candidates out there are actually going to take this seriously and might make decisions based on it.

  • At least get the courses right

    No such thing as “English, drama and teaching” exists at Cambridge. And if you’re referring to the Education Tripos where one can study Education with English+Drama it should be noted that it is offered at 14 colleges BESIDES Homerton, and that it is not a teaching degree by any means.

  • Not at Caius

    But come on it is stunningly pretty+central, and actually when I’ve been to their formal as a guest I’ve quite enjoyed the food and the full atmosphere (3 hefty courses for 4 quid is hardly expensive also). Abit of balance in all of the colleges’ profiles would be nice.

    • Am at Caius

      It is very nice.

      But the meals aren’t £4 – buying meals in addition to the minimum dining requirement are £4 but you also have to pay the kitchen fixed charge, now known as the establishment charge which is ~£130 and pumps up the price of each meal to around £8. And you have to go to hall most days in term.

  • Catz Student

    Found the guide funny, although probably not as helpful to a prospective candidate as a current student. Also a bit unfair on Catz. If you are going to call us ‘bland’ (which is the complete opposite of my experience) then can you at least make sure the hyperlink sends you to the Cambridge St Catharines, not the Oxford one. Thanks

  • Ticked off from Tit Hall

    You might want to put the picture of our lovely court with our college instead of the weirdos up the road.