ellie white

Elly Booth – I take it back: I think I’m in love with you

ELLY BOOTH reflects on her time as a columnist as her time at Cambridge draws to a close

charlie bell white

Charlie Bell – Show some solidarity

In his very last column, CHARLIE BELL urges us to show a little solidarity to the human race, in all its flawed glory

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Jessica ‘Barry Cradshaw’ O’Driscoll – Fuck David Willetts

JESSICA ‘BARRY CRADSHAW’ has invented her own sin for week 8. Thou shallt not protest. Except against that bastard David Willetts.


Lauren Chaplin – the butterfly effect

The schmaltz continues as LAUREN CHAPLIN discusses Hebrew, choices, and Myspace wisdom.

bedroom guitar

Hunter Allen – The bedroom visitor with the guitar

This week HUNTER ALLEN is serenaded by Josh Osho in a bedroom this week. Like a king.

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Charlie Bell – Da doo RON RON

CHARLIE BELL is struggling to give a shit about CUSU elections. This doesn’t mean he won’t be voting however…

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Jessica ‘Barry Cradshaw’ O’Driscoll – Sin proud, sin loud

JESSICA ‘BARRY CRADSHAW’ O’DRISCOLL is proud just being Barry, even if this does mean being a sinner.

hunter sister

Hunter Allen – It’s my birthday and I’ll cry if I want to

This week sees HUNTER ALLEN delve candidly into the trials and tribulations of childhood…

ellie white

Elly Booth – What if we were blind?

ELLY BOOTH talks candidly about two shameful moments which lead her to discover the truth about beauty and the beast…

Dr Dick Creep

Dr Dick: Don’t be a fucking creep

DR DICK is the Tab’s new advice columnist. This week he deals with a complete creep with delusions of romance.

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Jessica ‘Barry Cradshaw’ O’Driscoll – Have sex with envy

Rather than getting bogged down by our envy, JESSICA ‘BARRY CRADSHAW’ O’DRISCOLL recommends we exploit it for all its Hot Stuff…

charlie bell white

Charlie Bell – Don’t knock me before you’ve tried me!

CHARLIE BELL meets someone called Boy. Boy has preconceptions about Charlie. Charlie wonders what the fuck’s the matter…

lauren chaplin photo

Lauren Chaplin – a pro Crastinator

She may be failing her degree, but at least LAUREN CHAPLIN is getting a First in procrastination

hunter i lovey ou

Hunter Allen – The horrible secret behind punts

HUNTER ALLEN returns. Again. Or does he? Beware the uneasy trick of the doppelganger.

ellie white

Elly Booth – I fancy you

ELLY BOOTH really fancies you. Or at least she wishes she did. Cuz that would be more exciting.

charlie bell white

Charlie Bell – If you cheat you’re a fucking slug

CHARLIE BELL urges us to put down our Quality Street’s and have a good hard think about the morality of love. Cheating is wrong kids.