Clare May Ball “HMCMB Introducing Stage” Line Up

Clare May Ball are shaking up their musical ents and unveil the line up for the new “HMCMB Introducing Stage”.

Murray Edwards Medic-cum-future Miss Cambridgeshire?

The Tab Meets: The Next Miss Cambridgeshire?

Who Knew? Will Murray Edwards be home to the next MISS CAMBRIDGESHIRE?

Damien Hirst and his famous diamond skulls

It’s not me, it’s you

ROSIE JEWELL wants an explanation from modern art.

May Ball Blog 2014

Rumours, reports, reactions, royal appearances: get it all here. The Tab May Ball Blog is BACK in full force.


King’s Mingle: Oddity

DISCLAIMER: This review saunters perhaps a tad lazily into a film negative of pure adoration.


Girton Spring Ball 2014

WILL HEILPERN thoroughly enjoys a superb party, filled with considered decadence and touching subtlety


Upcoming albums to get behind in the break

Struggling to put words to a page this vacation? Check out these new and upcoming albums that may ease your writer’s block.


Continuum!: A New Sketch Show

HANNAH MIRSKY gives three stars to this pleasant mix of slightly half-baked sketches.


Into the Woods

JOSH MARKS is thrilled by this musical end to the term.

Power to the people

Tab Meets: CUSU Living Wage Officer, Ben Bayley

JOE WHITWELL and HAZEL SHEARING talk King’s recent victory and their hopes for other colleges with the CUSU Living Wage officer.


Watersprite: Mega Review

JAMES MITCHELL found this year’s film festival more inspiring than ever.

someone who'll watch over me

Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me

There’s more to this hostage-situation play than meets the eye writes SAM RABY

Crazy and unexpected and hilarious

The Importance of Being Improvised

LOUIS SHANKAR applauds a show ‘fully aware of its own ludicrousness’



BEN DALTON is left lusty by this whistle-stop tour of Tit Hall and human sexuality


Tit Hall’s Status Leaving Others Chasing

OJ Watson investigates the truth behind Chase & Status’ booking at Tit Hall’s June Event.


Tab Guide to the alternative theatres of Cambridge

There’s a lot more to Cambridge theatre than the ADC and Corpus. WILL KENNAWAY takes a look at some of the university’s lesser-known venues…