Critics of consent workshops are idiots

Opposition to the consent workshops is absurd and shows just how much we really need them, argues fresher JAMES RISELEY

We hate to ruin the illusion, but this guy looks as strange to us as he does to you.

We’re not all haggis eating freedom fighters

CHRIS SIMPSON, founder of ScotSoc, responds to yesterday’s pro Yes argument.

Alex Salmond

Sorry England, it’s a Yes from me

ZACK HASSAN is sick of your Southern politics. Here’s why he’s voting Yes.


Hey! I’m looking at you, averagely affluent first world living privileged student

Incredibly irritating social media crazes can motivate us to actually do some good, and without wasting water.


Remember me, Tiananmen

We must remember Tiananmen Square, says JOE GOODMAN.

It's really this simple

Gents – get it right

Get it right, boys, or you’ll look like a big chump, says ANDREW MUNRO

Do we even care?

We will remember them – but will you?

NATHANIEL ZELINKSKY questions our lack of commemoration of D-Day here in Cambridge, because it matters 70 years on.

...or more like this?

What is a drinking society?

Drinking societies really aren’t OK at the best of times, and grad students should set an example, argues FELIX STEIN.

Just get the hell on with it

Stop thinking, start doing

OLIVIA FAYE wants us all to stop over-thinking everything, and just get on with it

We're not blaming men, and if they cry over spilt milk, so be it

Feminism is not about blame

There’s a damn good reason to have Women’s Officers, argues RIKKI WOLKIND, and we should respect it.


The Joy of Exams

Tab alumnus HARRY PRANCE has a hard lesson for you all: exams are the easy bit, try real life.

Nag, nag, nag all day long

Stop whinging and be grateful

CHARLIE BELL isn’t enamoured with the standard entitlement culture that pervades Cambridge.

Lions beware

Tribal Tripos

After looking at exams in other cultures, AMY BENSON thinks maybe we don’t have it that bad


In defence of opinion

SEBASTIAN FULLER ST ARROMAN thinks dismissing others’ political opinions is ultimately silly, and reckons we might gain something if we learn to listen.

Personal choice or public statement?

Feminism isn’t just what you want it to be

We don’t live in an ideal world, and our actions have consequences, argues ALBI STANLEY.

What the fuck are you doing up there? Some of us are trying to get some fucking sleep, you fuckers

I don’t care about your opinions

If only students would stop foisting their self-satisfied and boring opinions down our throats, life might be a bit more interesting argues ELEANOR COSTELLO.