I always loved the way you smile

My darling Girton, I’m not sure this is working

As gales continue, HANNAH ROSE writes an open letter to her beloved Girton


Giving What We Can: Why I’m challenging you to more than an ice bucket

Because giving what we can, really can make a difference

union protests

You are all wrong about No Platform

Why a voice isn’t just for people on that shitty talent show

Young people being delicate

Summer holiday made me stoopid

Cambridge vacations make you really stupid like, argues JOE GOODMAN

Move along Zuckers

The problem with charity

The current trend for ‘social media charity’ is not sustainable argues SEBASTIAN FULLER ST ARROMAN


I am a student drug addict

Thought freshers week was bad enough? Try doing it whilst battling a drug addiction


Why I’ll be at formal with Farage

TOM WHEELDON tells us why he’ll be dining with the UKIP leader at Corpus this Friday

Generic mental health stock images: a problem in themselves?

A Practical Guide to Helping Friends with Depression

MICHAEL ZACHARIAS lays down some simple and hopefully useful guidelines

The Women's Campaign's trigger warning

I shouldn’t have been aggressively reminded of my abortion at Freshers Fair

Cambridge Students For Life have no place at a fair that’s meant to welcome new students

Me being a misogynist. Observe the women cowering in the background.

Pro-life isn’t the end of the world

Co-president of Cambridge Students for Life, XAVIER BISITS, gives his side of the story after their run-in with the Women’s Campaign at the freshers’ fair

Cambridge's reclaim the night march, aka 'fuck off'

Critics of consent workshops are NOT all idiots

After this week’s consent workshops, ELEANOR KASHOURIS has some questions


Critics of consent workshops are idiots

Opposition to the consent workshops is absurd and shows just how much we really need them, argues fresher JAMES RISELEY

We hate to ruin the illusion, but this guy looks as strange to us as he does to you.

We’re not all haggis eating freedom fighters

CHRIS SIMPSON, founder of ScotSoc, responds to yesterday’s pro Yes argument.

Alex Salmond

Sorry England, it’s a Yes from me

ZACK HASSAN is sick of your Southern politics. Here’s why he’s voting Yes.

Move along Zuckers

Hey! I’m looking at you, averagely affluent first world living privileged student

Incredibly irritating social media crazes can motivate us to actually do some good, and without wasting water.


Remember me, Tiananmen

We must remember Tiananmen Square, says JOE GOODMAN.

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