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Why I handed the Union a giant cheque for ‘Sod All’

JESSICA O’DRISCOLL-BREEN explains her motivations for taking part in CDE’s notoriously angry protests.

CUSU in stronger times

Why protest matters

CHAD ALLEN and FLO SWANN defend telling George Osborne to “fuck off”.

Gideon crying because the poor still get some benefits

Why do we put up with this shit?

Infuriated CHARLIE BELL thinks it’s time for the King’s protesters to think carefully about who should actually ‘fuck off’…

Damien Hirst and his famous diamond skulls

It’s not me, it’s you

ROSIE JEWELL wants an explanation from modern art.

Yep, that's what we all look like with no makeup on

Hiding behind a mask

ELEANOR COSTELLO thinks there might be something a little more sinister to the #nomakeupselfie trend…


Cambridge doesn’t need Feminism because…

KATE ERIN takes a sideways glance at the phenomenon that is Cambridge Feminism


I, Too, Am Cambridge – What Next…

Over the last couple of weeks, the ‘I, Too, Am…’ campaign has catapulted to Buzzfeed and Facebook fame. But is it really all it’s cut out to be?

Lady Gaga behind the mask

Narcissism – Facebook’s Very Own Cancer

No make-up selfies seem to be the new Nek-nominate, but for WILL KELLET the implications are a lot darker.


Why you shouldn’t be a banker

No matter what wishful thinking might tell you, there is no way that banking can be an ethical choice, says JACK TATTERSALL.


Why becoming a banker might be the most ethical choice you ever make

MATTHEW VAN DER MERWE wants you to change your outlook on how to make a difference in the world. His conclusion might surprise you…


We Need to Talk About Vaginas

It’s time to have a conversation about FGM, says MORWENNA JONES.

Eli - a big issue seller in Cambridge

Homelessness is your problem too

We live in a bubble, but that’s no excuse for sticking our heads in the sand when it comes to homelessness


In Defence of Common Sense

JAMES MITCHELL responds to the comments which met Saturday’s article about sexual assault.


Why people at central colleges are just better

Go to a modern college? Have to cycle to lectures? CLIVE HUNTER-JONES thinks you are scum.


Why Cambridge is still not doing enough to protect your mental health

TIM SQUIRRELL explains how far there is still left to go for adequate mental health provision at Cambridge University.


Why I’d rather be happy than rich

In pursuit of that six figure salary? Unlikely lawyer ROBERT EYERS thinks you need to sort your life out.