Boy about Gowns

LUKE HEPPENSTALL-WEST explores the complex relationship between a boy, his gown, and the town

Think you're sexy?...

Virginia Vagina: Why is everyone so hot?

VIRGINIA VAGINA solves all your sex problems. This week: is it okay for your attentions to wander?

engineer 4

Fit Engineer: Vote now

This week The Tab brings you the university’s sexiest engineers

Zac merged photo

Cambridge’s Most Eligible Bachelor: Week 3

ZBH returns to discus his love for Deep House and gives a forthright review of the new DJ set at Wednesday Cindies

A single man, a jealous rant.

Whine of the Week: Couply Couples

Infatuated with your boyfriend/girlfriend and hate wine? Don’t read on

A baffling sight

Tab Tries: Daytime Gardies

SAM WATTS takes a sober trip to Gardies. He’s pleasantly surprised


Get Lost

Want to win prizes, get lost in England and raise money for charity? MICHAEL ZACHARIAS will tell you how


Did you go to a state school?

A comprehensive student in crisis? PAIGE SMEATON will let you in on a secret


Haiku of the week: Week 3

The nights get longer, term marches on and there is another haiku. Tanoshimu.


Geordie Shore: ‘Some of your initiations are worse than anything we’ve had to do’

Gannin’ down from the toon, Gaz, Vicky and James gave us an insight into the ‘borderline pornographic’ world of Geordie shore (and told us that we were better than Oxford)

Knitwear to perfection, distant yet intimate

PILF of the Week: Take 2

Following last week’s braxen specimen, PILF of the week brings you a punter of great integrity with a penchant for henladies and grapes


The Tab Meets: This Space

JAMIE WEBB talks to MEGAN DALTON about her new mental health website, this space


Why I was wrong about Cambridge

Fresher CLO RYAN realises we aren’t all that bad really.

Shaking with anger

Whine of the week: Leavers’ hoodies

Hate leavers’ hoodies? Love wine? Read on

No sneeze guard will hold me back

I queued for two hours at the Krispy Kreme opening and I didn’t get any donuts

TAYO MOORE vents his frustration at donuts and the world

Zac merged photo

Cambridge’s Most Eligible Bachelor: Week 2

ZBH reveals his live tweeting of Fresher’s Week

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