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A few hundred years ago, and through rose tinted spectacles, one imagines Cambridge as a city nestled in the picturesque countryside, with dons wandering and musing in full academical dress.

But this is the twenty-first century. Instead of on quiet streets and mahogany-panelled private dining rooms, academics have taken to Twitter to voice their daily musings.

The Tab has meticulously scoured to find the best tweets from Cambridge academics, and the results are hilarious, if slightly upsetting.

Mete Atature – @MeteAtature

This Physics Reader’s research interests include “optical control of single and multiple quantum-dot spins, high-resolution spectroscopy of diamond-based emitters, solid-state cavity-QED and nanoplasmonics”, but that doesn’t stop him having fun in the lab.

But for Mete, Saturdays aren’t just for boogying with the cryostats – they’re also ripe for punny lunches.

Stephen Jenkins – @JnknsSJ

A Fellow at St Edmunds, and Reader in Physical Chemistry, Jenkins had first struggled with not recording every aspect of his life on Twitter.

As time went on though, he started pushing out little nuggets of gold.

Ben Crewe – @crewebencrewe

Crewe is a criminologist at Cambridge and Deputy Director of the Prisons Research Centre, but has a funny side.

After getting back from Scunthorpe, there was big news.

Jennifer French – @J_C_French

This Research Fellow in Archaeology and Anthropology at Peterhouse offers us an insight into the real psyche of a Cambridge academic. Degrees aren’t hard enough and results days don’t need to end after formal education!

Yah you know Cambridge is fucking piece of piss enit. What’s even more exciting than harder work?

Dr Paul Coxon – @paulcoxon

Coxon is a Material Scientist, but from reading his Twitter you’d only think he was a forgetful Lithium lover.

Shit, how are you going to finish editing that report on Lithium? Turn to Twitter.

Meg Westbury – @MegWestbury

Wolfson’s Fellow Librarian just loves libraries. It turns out her best tweets are prefixed simply by “Wow,”

But there are yet more pressing concerns!

Brian Sloan @briandsloan

Sloan is a College Lecturer in Law at Robinson, after having spent a while as a Fellow at Kings. His political affiliations follow.

But this isn’t the only thing bugging Sloan…

Paul Warde – @pswarde

Pembroke’s own Lecturer in Environmental History historian is also little-impressed with the right.

Simon Redfern – @Sim0nRedfern

Sometimes Mineral Physics Professor Simon Redfern takes to Twitter to express brief frustrations at his work. Which is fair enough.

Tim Crane – @timcrane102

This Philosopher and Fellow of Peterhouse scraps the formalities and imparts his true, unimpeachable wisdom on Twitter.

John Gallagher – @earlymodernjohn

Almost certainly the favourite of the bunch, John Gallagher is a legend waiting to be made. Having graduated from Trinity College Dublin, he has only recently finished his PhD at Emmanuel. While his academic status might not yet live up to his counterparts, his tweeting is beyond compare.

But the best of all is Gallagher’s personal monologue.

There we have it.

Maybe David Cameron was right when he said “too many tweets might make a twat.”


  • John Gallaghers Autobiographer

    He’s finished his PhD, keep up. He’s moved onto bigger and better things now.

    • http://jonathancooper.net Jonathan Cooper

      Amended, Sir! Thanks for not going to IPSO!!!!

  • You forgot

    Andrew Zurcher. English DoS at Queens. Some gems amongst his tweets.

    • Where

      Can I find this?