WLB - Party1

No napping with Napper

Isobel Cockerell meets Cambridge DJ legend, Napper Tandy, founder of Turf.


Whine of the Week: Fucking Pedestrians

Like wine? Like complaining? Read on.


Cambridge was made to trap people like us

JAMIE WEBB is just starting his 4th year, and he’s having a bit of an existential crisis

Just your casual bit of essay writing

I failed first year

Ever wondered what it would be like to fail your exams and be kicked out of college?

CORPUS: bit of a clock up in the beauty department

Shit College: Peterhouse Vs Corpus

Our first battle of term proves small does not always means beautiful


Tab Cribs: The King’s Parade Room-with-a-view

Kévin Cristin has hit the big time. He has a room, a view and a mini fridge. Join BEN DALTON for a snoop around his quarters

Zac merged photo

Cambridge’s Most Eligible Bachelor: Week 1

Zac Baynham-Herd tentatively introduces himself to Zac Baynham-Herd

The King's landscape will never be the same again following this horrific act of grievous botanical harm

Mystery drunk mower rampages over King’s lawn

The rear lawn of King’s is apparently now being mown diagonally…


Episode 2 – The Supervision

The Sunday Serial continues as we join Anna in her first supervision of term. This one’s about tragedy

Not a bad place to be

Haiku of the Week: Week 1

The end of freshers’ week and another haiku. Tanoshimu

A verified photograph of Our Lord

There’s going to be a church in Cindies

This Sunday, there’ll be a church service. No surprises there. But this service will be in Cindies…

Average college proposal

The Golden Rules of College Marriage

Inspired by Gone Girl, film editor MICHAEL DALTON provides us all with some wise advice on college marriage


Freshers Flu in Peru

Freshers flu has followed SOPHIA VAHDATI across the Atlantic. Think yourselves lucky

Incest da best

Help! I dated my own father

Freya Barr talks candidly of the struggle she endured when she fell in love with her own father


Tab Guide to Doing Sex

Having trouble with copulating this Freshers’ Week? TED HILL is here to sort you out


Which societies should you join?

Michaelmas is here! Let GEORGINA BUTTERWORTH take you through the top socs

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