CUSU handbook

CUSU: Then and Now

Think CUSU is an odd place now? Try the 1990s, say ELOISE DAVIES and DMITRY KIRPICHENKO.


Would you rather be at Oxford or St John’s?

This week, CHARLOTTE IVERS poses our most difficult Would You Rather yet.


Save your degree in 5 Grand Designs

Hope seemingly lost? Nowhere else to turn? Listen to Kevin McCloud, says BEN DALTON, for he has been there before…


Tab Guide to sleeping with…

MISS D lets you know how to pull the man/woman of your dreams this May Week.


Which Harry Potter character is your college?

Take a break from revision with our official alternative prospectus – for wizards only.


Free at last? Don’t be a dick about it

CHARLOTTE IVERS lets you in on the secrets of not pissing off your friends after finishing your exams.


I’m a Linguist get me out of here

As most Third Years are saying goodbye to their degrees, MMLer CLAIRE HUXLEY gives an insight into the lives of their year abroad counterparts.


Shit College: Churchill Vs Fitz

This week, two titans of awful architecture battle it out for the ultimate accolade of definitively being the shittest.


The Sunday Serial: Episode 6 – Sarah’s dark side

In which shit hits the fan


Birdwatching in Cambridge

SEBASTIAN TRILL shares his pearls of wisdom about Cambridge’s birds.


Clare May Ball release huge headliner

Clare May Ball commitee have just released news that will cause havoc on the May Ball Marketplace.


End exams in three simple baths

Sick of spending more in Lush than you do in the buttery? Let BEN DALTON sink you down into a pool of homemade delights…

Three years of Peterhouse food: the perfect training for eating shit

Cantabrigians are stupid too

It’s not all Nobel prizes and political glory amongst our alumnae. ELOISE DAVIES wants you to choose the worst of the worst.

Bacon n bap? Bacon n a loada crap?

How to Digest Your Revision Notes

LEAF ARBUTHNOT recommends the best ways to digest your notes.

Hide your bums while you can

Bumps for idiots

ROSA JENKS explains why rowers sometimes feel the need to crash into each other.

Lovely pair of goujons

Tab reviews: Al Casbah – An Algerian Soirée

Two kind boys, DYNASTY INTERMARCHÉ and PINKUS WARRIOR, have a more than delectable sufficiency at the local Algerian.