An epiphany as clear as mud

Why Retrospective Fun Is The Best Kind of Fun

We reveal the secret to genuine and wholesome happiness

Excellent with sunflower seeds

Give A Toss

Purchase an apron, it’s Shrove Tuesday tomorrow! LEAF ARBUTHNOT prepares you to ace Pancake Day.


The Hanging Christian – Episode 7

Freya puts her life on the line as she goes undercover back into the cult. Will she be found out?


Bounce Off!

Jess Farmery pits bouncer against bouncer as she tours the clubs.


Cambridge just isn’t safe for women

ELEANOR COSTELLO talks about her experience of sexual assault whilst out at night in Cambridge.

RON’s CUSU manifesto

RON exclusively shares his election manifesto with us

Do as the self-explanatory image says

Don’t compare yourself with Facebook

CLAIRE HUXLEY says stop comparing yourself to others. Facebook is the home of insecurity, don’t let it get you.

charlie dowell

I wore women’s clothes out and I fucking loved it

CHARLIE DOWELL wore a dress to CIndies last week. Now he wants you to do it too.

Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda: Finalists’ Regrets

Four finalists reveal their bugbears about all the things they could have done with the golden years of their life.

Bumps Jargon Buster

Stumped by bumps chat? JOE GOODMAN is here to gently scrape the rear end of your vessel with these essential definitions.


Top sites for getting a job

IT correspondant, PIPPA CALVIN, divulges her pretty fucking awesome tips for landing a decent job.


Cambridge is AWESOME

PATRICK BROOKS fucking loves Cambridge, and here’s why you should too.

The Adventures of Hercule Porterot

ELOISE DAVIES channels Agatha Christie in a tale of crime in Cambridge.


The Hanging Christian – Episode 6

Freya finally goes to the police as the Sunday Serial continues, but does anyone believe her?


Apocalypse Soon?

KEITH WYNROE explains why an apocalyptic disaster is not as unlikely as we might think

Best ways to game away your degree

LOUIS SHANKAR’S nifty list of video games will have your eyes square in no time.