An email leaked to The Tab reveals a colossal pay gap among college masters

The income of Pembroke’s Master is more than three times the salary of Fitz’s.

The former spy chief, Sir Richard Dearlove, gets a whopping £103,467 a year while masters of colleges like Fitz and Churchill languish behind on £30,342 and £38,419.

Like this. Except more. Much more

Like this except more. Much more

Of those who have so far responded to the FoI request, Sir Richard has the highest income. It could pay for more than 11 undergrads’ tuition fees.

His pay package does include an “employer contribution scheme,” presumably from MI6.

Pembroke came second on this year’s Tompkins Table. Fitz is 19th.

Worth three times more than the one at Fitz

Worth three times more than the one at Fitz

An outraged Art Historian on King’s Parade was unforgiving: “He’s had a lifetime of sipping cocktails and jetsetting.

“Can’t he just accept he’s at an academic institution and bite the bullet?”



A Pembroke second-year was surprised masters are financially rewarded so differently: “Surely they’re all meant to be doing the same job, right?

“So what’s with the massively different pay packets?

“It didn’t even cross my mind that masters would be paid differently.”


Surprised? Or should we expect shit colleges to pay their masters shit salaries? More to follow on this leaky Cambridge cash cow…

  • Is this it?

    Was this pitiful article even worth the admin costs of doing a FoI request in multiple colleges?

    • You are

      exactly right. What kind of self-respecting so-called ‘newspaper’ bothers to put in these kind of wanky, snide and downright pointless requests?

      • Not Retarded

        Not The Tab, you stupid motherfucking moron – READ THE FUCKING ARTICLE – it clearly says ‘leaked’.

  • If you

    had bothered to do some actual research, as opposed to just submitting endless FoIs, you would have discovered that masters employed by the University, e.g. as Professors, only get a supplement from their college. Dearlove clearly isn’t a professor – thus no supplement but a full salary. Overall, masters receive quite similar total pay packets, once University/ college income is combined.

  • Sigh

    Professors receive an addition sum of money above their university pay (which will be around >£70k), whilst Dearlove is employed by the college.

    Furthermore, his job is largely to raise money for Pembroke college. At this task, I hear that he’s very successful, earning the college far more than his £103k per year.

    He’s had a lifetime of serving his country (for a comparatively small amount of money), and he’s earning the amount that an ambitious Cambridge law, finance, compsci, business grad might expect to earn after two or three years.

    Just think, for the amount the colleges spend on employing lecturers, you could pay the university fees for all the students in Cambridge! How amazing!