Carina is "very much a feminist"

Magical medic Miss England fights to save students from tomorrow

Carina Tyrrell – Cambridge Uni’s very own Miss England medic – is lending us silly students a helping hand


Animal extremists threaten Cambridge

VEILED THREATS made against Cambridge students and the University’s Archaeology Department

keyboard hack

Cyber-scam attacks students with make-believe accommodation

In a surreal turn of events, students are under threat – from ghost accommodation

Should have gone to UAE shouldn't you?

Cambridge is the worst place to study medicine

A recent survey is shedding some rather embarrassing light on how good a medicine degree at Cambridge really is

They're gonna taste great!

Cambridge Union Speaker Leaked

Lent term speaker revealed exclusively on the Tab


‘I’m getting bored’: England manager stumbles through Union visit

Vising the Union last night, the mighty Roy Hodgson got all confused about LGBT footballers and oxymorons

God moves in piss-terious ways

Student urinates on Church

And no, we don’t just mean metaphorically at an Atheist Society meeting


EXCLUSIVE: Pussy Riot are coming to Cambridge

It’s official: the Union is one hell of a pussy magnet

The eyes say it all. 'Get me away from this annoying journo'

BREAKING: Jeremy Paxman is boycotting us because we’re ‘disgraceful’

Paxo hates The Tab

Protestor's outside the Union this monday

Sensual security, passionate protests and muzzled media: Welcome Israeli ambassador

The Israeli ambassador to the UK, Daniel Taub, visited the Union last night to speak about his perspective on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Coat ruined

Farage protests continue – without Farage

Farage’s cancellation didn’t stop a handful of brave people making noise outside Corpus

Doing the Walk of Shame through college has become a little more challenging given the Arctic conditions

Glacial Girton! Freezing students faint with illness as college refuses to turn on heating

Mass hysteria as room temperatures plummet and the heating remains off in Girton

mouthwards delights

Drinks are being spiked in Fez

Cambridge’s ‘coolest venue’ is taking a dark turn, after several reports of spiked drinks prompted Christ’s to respond – with an email


“They don’t call me throbbing knob for nothing” – Robert Downey Jr on his penis size

Robert Downey Jr just came to the Union, and he was really fucking cool


LIVE BLOG: Robert Downey Jr lands in Cambridge

The Tab are liveblogging the RDJ event. Get in touch to have your say!


Disgraced vicar fellow admits ‘inappropriate sexual behaviour’

A once high-standing academic and pastoral carer stunned a church meeting last night, admitting ‘inappropriate sexual behaviour’