Girton. Allegedly.

Girton declares independence from Cambridge

The far away enclave will no longer be a constituent college of the University, following today’s shocking JCR vote result.

Building works on the outdated frame will overrun by at least a week into term.

Queens’ charges students to live on building site

Students must live in a Travelodge if they refuse to inhabit a building site, Queens’ has told students.

those eyes

Selwyn master keeps banned dog by convincing college it was a ‘large cat’

The Master of Selwyn has kept his canine companion in college by having it officially recognised as a very large cat.


Newnham gardener promises charity glam up

Newnham’s head gardener has pledged to wear lipstick and nail polish to work if he raises enough money for charity.

Surely not too much to ask

Surprise shocker as uni adopts living wage

Staff and campaigners alike are celebrating Cambridge’s decision to adopt the £7.65/hour living wage, featuring an exclusive interview with campaign head Ben Bayley


Tompkins Table 2014: Trinity Triumphs, Catz Fucks Up

The Results are in! Trinity turns up trumps again, but there are a few juicy surprises…

Brittan - all lies?

Broken Brittan? Sex Abuse Scandal Hits Cambridge

Labour Club slams CUCA over their sex-scandal embroiled Vice President.

Slithering to supervisions

Plagues of poisonous snakes and ants sweep Cambridge

Thank your lucky stars term has ended as colleges are now infested with creepy critters.

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 00.29.27

Germaine-king me angry! Medwards’ Miss England hits back at critics

It’s all about equality, insists first-class Cambridge medic recently crowned Miss England 2014.

Tourists play with a new display in Market Square instead

Put your penises away

Exhibition cancelled after display of penises dubbed ‘limp and soft’.

A similar procedure is seen  here at the University of Wisconsin. Credit: Mail Online

Cambridge involved in horrific experiments on kittens


Cambridge has been involved in a series of controversial university experiments on kittens, in an attempt to better understand the human body.


Cam babe’s best beach bod

Banging bod and brain fasttrack Miss Cambridgeshire to Miss England final.

vice chancellor

Vice-Chancellor sticks up for immigrants

Cambridge vice-chancellor Leszek Borysiewicz has passionately defended the importance of immigrant students.


Fifty Grades of Dismay

Vomit, hot candle wax and Christian Grey made an unexpected appearance in last week’s Criminal Law paper

Hi David. Fancy paying some tuition fees?

Wanna be a Billionaire? Come to Cambridge

A study has revealed Cambridge to have the highest number of billionaire alumni outside the US.

exam paper

What words? English finalists struggle to answer poem that literally doesn’t exist

There were few smiley faces amongst English finalists asked to analyse a poem without any words.