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Queens’ becomes criminal hotspot

Will they lose their fridges? Queens’ has become a criminal hotspot after a spate of food thievery

Think again

Cantabs must be cleverer as grades level rises

Applicants will now be expected to get 2 A*s and an A


Punt Wars: Sabotage, piracy and assault

Freshers, don’t be fooled by the sweet charms of touts – punt companies are often violent, abusive and in fierce competition with each other

No wine-ing about the rain there guys

Queens’ becomes accredited living wage employer

Although some colleges have already said they’ll pay the Living Wage, Queens’ makes history by becoming the first accredited Living Wage Oxbridge college.

Cancer March 11th Oct 14

Yew gotta be joking: John’s gives trees to cancer

John’s is doing its best to help people


Sleeping beauty: Miss Cambridge takes to the streets

Our very own Miss England has been awarded a new epithet after a stint on the city’s streets, that of ‘caring Carina’

Yep, I'd be this happy about £6M too

Stephen Hawking to appear in Pink Floyd album

Professor Stephen Hawking is set to appear on Pink Floyd’s final album, “The Endless River”

Richard Partington

Senior tutor’s fears over ‘predatory’ older students who target freshers at ‘unsavoury’ events

Richard Partington emailed the entire Churchill student body

Welcome to Cambridge

Tears, ‘lies’ and ‘homophobia’: Fresher fair row continues

At this week’s freshers fair, the women’s campaign went head-to-head with anti-choice group, Cambridge Students for Life


Bulldogs bite the dust as Churchill clamps down on ‘sinister’ old boys’ Pitt Club swap

Senior tutor suggests events are ‘predatory’ and ‘unsavoury’


Boozy Cantabs: The Dirty Details

What’s been going on in your college? Read all the juicy details of Cantab crimes


Drinking soc presidents tell initiates to ‘smash the girls’ in embarrassingly cringey email

The Lions’ presidents sent out an email about ‘female demand for Emmanuel penis’. Seriously?


ROBERT DOWNEY JR to speak at Union

The highest paid actor in Hollywood and Iron Man star will speak at the Union next Friday.

Murry Edwards and Churchill only have about this much wine

Which is Cambridge’s booziest college?

We reveal which college has embarrassed itself the most with salacious incidents of public nudity and excessive drinking


Union Line-Up Revealed

Ed Byrne, Roy Hodgson, Alan Ward, and Laura Bates all grace the Chamber this Michaelmas. Oh, and they’ve even bagged the cast of Geordie Shore

They weren't very nice to Wolfgang

No exams?! Lecturers to vote on strike action

If lecturers vote to strike over their pensions deal, exams could be cancelled this Easter