A Catholic monk handing out leaflets in Cambridge describing AIDS as ‘God’s punishment for gays’ and transsexuals as ‘possessed by demons’ has been arrested

Cambridge is not immune.

In October, The Tab reported him distributing leaflets claiming homosexuality is linked to paedophilia and that transgender people should be exorcised.

A second round of leaflets earlier this month claimed that homosexuals are “like vampire” and that homosexuality is “a life of self-indulgence, self deceit and self-destruction.”


Fucking weirdo

Shortly after, PinkNews received a hand-written letter from ‘Brother Damon’ in which he claims he has been arrested “no less [sic] than 9 times” and personally gives Charlie Bell, The Tab‘s valiant new Editor-in-Chief, his “warmest regards.”

The letter goes on to clarify that he has “no hatred for ‘Gays’ as individuals, but as a political movement [they] are Antichrist and the Devil’s diciples [sic], and the Lord has told [Kelly] to oppose [them].”

A second-year at Caius was shocked: “This dude should be exorcised.”

The letter sent to PinkNews, signed off as '~The Monk~'. Eerie

The letter sent to PinkNews, signed off as ‘~The Monk~’. Eerie

Although Cambridgeshire police initially claimed handing out the leaflets was “not a crime” because “Article 10 of the European Convention of Human Rights gives individuals the right to Freedom of Expression,” it seems widespread media coverage has finally led to results.

The 53-year-old from Corby, Northamptonshire, was arrested on December 8th on suspicion of a “Section 5 public order offence.”

The arrest also revealed Kelly is the director of a Scottish Catholic charity called ‘the Black Hermits’.

The charity receives between £25,000 and £35,000 in donations each year, and spends between £45,000 and £57,000. In 2011, however, it reportedly spent £332,664 – potentially on the hatred-inciting leaflets.

Since then, the charity has filed no annual returns.


Representing vampires? Probs not

The charity claims “advancement of religion and promotion of Christianity and to promote Roman Catholic religion” as its primary aims.

“I can’t believe money given to a Christian charity could have been involved in spreading these messages of hatred,” said one Scottish fresher. “It’s absolutely disgusting.”

Kelly has been released on bail until January 20th. If any of our readers encounter him continuing his diabolical campaign of hate, The Tab advises calling Cambridgeshire Police on 101 to report it.


  • Wait…

    Charlie Bell is the new editor-in-chief? Ugh…

    • Kimmy

      Yum. Yum.

  • breckman

    that monk is obviously an absolute dickhead

    but charlie bell is just dreadful. totally dreadful. oh god.

  • Charlie bell

    can suck my blood any day

  • Voltaire

    He’s a nutter with deeply unpleasant views, yes, but should he be arrested? I don’t think so.

    • Francois

      he’s a nutter with deeply unpleasant views, yes, but should he be made editor-in-chief of a newspaper? i don’t think so.

  • Voice of Reason

    Whatever his views, you’ve got to admire his cursive

  • Fresher

    This is such shit, lazy writing: the writers should stick with the facts and leave the opinions to the readers. Do we really need the caption “Fucking weirdo” underneath the picture? Thanks very much

    • Another Fresher

      You’ve missed the point fool. He is a fucking weirdo!

      • First Fresher

        Objectively? Or in your opinion? In my opinion he is an anachronistic extremist with a toxic attitude towards homosexuality, but I do not consider him to be a public threat. I think there are some university institutions – like CUSU/Women’s Campaign/Pro-Choice, the Union and the student newspapers – that are too quick to shut down people with views that aren’t compatible with their own brand of modern liberal politics.

        Writing “he is a fucking weirdo” doesn’t make that statement more or less true, it just happens to be the case that most people reading this online rag agree with that sentiment; it therefore goes unchallenged. That’s not a good thing.

        I believe in equal rights for homosexual couples, and I think that abortion can be a very good thing. But I shouldn’t just be told that I am a good, forward-thinking human being for having these views; I want to be challenged, and that’s what the institutions above seem to be scared of.

        In any case what exactly is achieved by calling him a “fucking weirdo” on this online newspaper? By all means attack his views – I would – but make sure that you use reason. Don’t resort to name-calling, because it’s pathetic, lazy and all too easy.

  • jamie palmer

    This is total bullshit. You can’t arrest someone for being politically incorrect and just because a bunch of people are offended by his opinions.
    That’s mob rule. It’s pandering to a rabble.
    He didn’t make threats against anyone, he didn’t badger or follow or harass any person in particular.
    This is anti-democratic. I’m appalled. The people smugly cheering this are short-sighted idiots. The most important purpose of freedom of expression is to protect unpopular opinions. Opinions which diverge from the government line, or the mob line.
    It is shameful and disturbing that Britain is eroding it’s freedoms like this.