Enough is enough – apparently

An online petition calling for a proposed animal research lab in Cambridge to be dropped has attracted more than 4000 supporters.

The campaign is spearheaded by a group of animal rights activists who oppose AstraZeneca’s plans for an animal testing lab on the BioMedical Campus in the city.

The change.org petition, set up a week ago, is already only 355 signatures from it’s 5000 target.

Who knows what really goes on in here?

Who knows what really goes on in here?


The online petition was created by the group CAP (Cambridge Against AstraZeneca Planning) and has been named ‘Astrazeneca- Please Drop Your Plans for an Animal Lab in Cambridge’.

Rachel Mathai, spokesperson for CAP, said: “We are deeply moved by the messages of support we have been receiving and by how hard people are working to help us”.

“A strong message is coming across- people do not want this lab to be built.”

This is not okay...

This is not okay…

Torben, a second year medic at Caius told the Tab “This research lab is unlikely to create significant jobs and so setting it up in Cambridge is unnecessary.”

Another medic, Sarah said: “Animal testing is disgusting and this project needs to be stopped.”

Do you agree with Sarah and Torben?