Thanks to the efforts of the University Information Services, you can now navigate Cambridge’s underground telecommunications infrastructure

Getting to know the ins and outs of Cambridge is something that perplexes many (not least the Daily Mail).

Good news, then, that the University Information Services has produced a map, modelled on the London Underground’s famous design.

The bad news: unless you’re interested in the extent of the University’s fibre-optic network, it’s actually just a vast 45 km fibre-optic network.

University Tube Map (Cropped)

Tipped to surpass the fame of its London Underground counterpart

It’s quite pretty, right?

The full forty-five kilometres

The full forty-five kilometres



  • Hesham Mashhour

    It’s very interesting indeed. Trinity clearly dominates the underground fibre optics in Cambridge with four lines passing through the college.


      This clearly means Trinity is an elitist college

      • Hesham Mashhour

        I’m glad my readership is so high. Thank you and I hope you continue reading my work.

        • Wait

          you’re being sarcastic, right?

          • Hesham Mashhour

            Nah. I’m not a pleb – at Trinity we dropped such bestiality in 1634 as part of our mission to elitism and supremacy.

  • Harry