Emmanuel College June Event 2014

WILL KENNAWAY thinks Emma June Event’s vaguely-defined ‘Quest’ was just fine.

Some guests looking glam by the golf

Sidney Sussex May Ball 2014

BETH SWORDS is over-awed by the intricacy of Sidney Sussex May Ball.

Graphite is nowhere to be found

King’s Affair 2014

MOLLIE WINTLE had an absolute affair to remember at King’s.


Trinity May Ball 2014

Probably the best May Ball this year, says CHARLIE BELL.


Oxford Union President Ben Sullivan will NOT face rape charges

Police say no further action will be taken

The pièce de résistance

Robinson May Ball 2014

CHARLIE BELL was far from blown away by Robinson May Ball, this year.

minor delays

Footlights Interview: Harry Michell

Footlights President of 2013 Harry Michell is returning to the ADC this week with a new show, ready for the Edinburgh Fringe. He talks to LARA FERRIS all about comedy and life out of Cambridge.


Bedtime Monsters

LAURA PATERSON neither loves nor hates this piece of student writing from New Zealand.



REBEKAH-MIRON CLAYTON is moved by this poignant and sensitive production.


Cambridge’s Most Eligible Couple

These two love birds are the product of The Tab’s ‘Eligible’ franchise. But did Cambridge’s most photogenic undergraduates find true love?

"Urgh, you couldn't have gone with Trinity at least?"

May Ball Dress Guide

If you’re struggling for may ball dresses this year, Tab fashion is here to help with a handy guide on what to wear.



Hello and welcome to the first day of the 2014 May Bumps! The Tab are here to bring you all the info from the riverbank.


Now I am free I’m going to…

Fitz Winter Ball want to hear why you are happy.

Education - University Ball - 2001

Life Hacks for May Week

CHARLIE DOWELL gives you a couple of quick shortcuts to make May Week easier.


Footlights International Tour Show: Real Feelings

These Footlights will go far, reckons LOUIS SHANKAR.

The sailors in the rowing boat will be blubbering

Where’s Whale?

The Fizwilliam Museum found a whale in a painting? Whale fancy that!

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