RICHARD WALTERS is impressed by this colourful piece of musical theatre with deep political undertones


Bafflesmash presents: Menagerie

WILL POPPLEWELL is impressed by a sketch show that lives up to its potential


My horrific encounter

This week, Adrian would like to celebrate Halloween by reading you a a poem

Think you're sexy?...

Virginia Vagina: Why is everyone so hot?

VIRGINIA VAGINA solves all your sex problems. This week: is it okay for your attentions to wander?

Snapshot 1 (28-10-2014 23-57)

Mary of Egypt: Behind the Scenes

DANIEL LEWIS and TabTV meet the team who are bringing opera to Kings College Chapel

RAF Match photo 1

Hare and Hounds show early promise in first fixture of the season

The men’s and women’s teams are looking pretty good



WILL KENNAWAY is impressed by the potential shown in this new hour of stand-up

Jesus Green at night

Jesus and Christ’s: Let there be light

After a spate of nighttime attacks, it’s time the city council install sufficient streetlighting for all public spaces in Cambridge


Breaking Down

This new sketch show leaves LOUIS SHANKAR distinctly unimpressed and unfulfilled

cropped monk shutterstock_78578686

Homophobic leaflets comparing gay people to paedophiles distributed around Cambridge

A ‘sinister monk’ has been stalking the streets of Cambridge giving out vile leaflets

Strike featured image

No homework: Lecturers strike next week

What the hell is a pig in a poke?

Police have arrested three men on suspicion of sexual assault

BREAKING: LIBYAN SOLDIERS suspected sex attackers

Police have arrested three Libyan soldiers, who were training at a nearby barracks, after Cambridge’s recent spate of sex attacks

She wouldn't say how much the fine was

Stop being a virgin

In this week’s column, CHARLOTTE IVERS gets all gender studies about sex and society

engineer 4

Fit Engineer: Vote now

This week The Tab brings you the university’s sexiest engineers

Internet Troll?

What do you get out of trolling?

Fresher POPPY MCLEAN ain’t too pleased with you commenters

Astrazenica building 10/12/2014

The Tab meets: Animal activists

We managed to bag an eerie interview with the ringleader of the anti-animal testing group NOAV plaguing the Uni recently

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